Why Sexy Ladies?

Do you ever wonder why we like to look at buns and tops?

Nah…I haven’t but since I’m making a blog to rescue all family men from the doldrums of family life, I figure I might as well come up with a reason or two.

First of all, having testosterone probably has a lot to do with it.  Ladies with a nice rear (even the crazy ones) send a message to our primitive instincts that she can bare good offspring.

And the tops? The bustier? The Nipple infatuations?

It’s all about milk.

You know, I bet you even all those “Got Milk” campaigns at a deeper psychological level are all about sex.

Why else? What other reasons can I give my fellow man to help rescue them when they get caught peeping at this sweet a$$ site? (pun totally intended)

Well, the reason we don’t go for way too skinny is because that’s unhealthy and by goodness you can’t have good sex and babies with that.  And…too fat?  Too fat doesn’t work because that chick has to run from danger to protect my offspring….so she better be in shape.

Many ads and propaganda in our world is aimed towards tapping into our primitive instincts.

Hmm..that gives me and idea.

I think I’ll go over some of the sexiest and steamy ads.  I bet you they have T&A on them ….or cars.

If not, I’ll eat my words.

Good thing their digital.

So there you go…a wee bit of manhood assurance for the day.


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