What my wife says is the “true meaning of sexy”.

After seeing my new site, my wife gave me a bit of a lecture on the “true meaning of sexy”.

She doesn’t understand the way real men feel when they are able to touch, feel OWN a Lamborghini.  It’s not enough to just have Lamborghini wallpaper on your computer….you eventually want to own one of these babies.

As for the reason for the Ladies?

I don’t know about you, but I know that the feeling I get when I am able to touch a fantastic car is the same way I’ve felt when I got to talk to an absolutely gorgeous women or better yet…able to kiss her (like my wife…wink wink).

There is something amazing about unique beauty from both of these pieces of eye candy.  Sexy cars and ladies just look right together.


For those of you looking for reasons to blog about cars and gals…here’s some great ideas of how you can make money from the two to help you get the “ok” from your wife or significant other in order to have permission to enjoy the view more often:

  1. Blogging Can produce money through ads
  2. Calendars are used by almost everyone. Perhaps you make one?
  3. Learning about how to edit pictures is a talent that can be used to make money on the side.
  4. Having the ability to look but not touch is an asset for many men…and honorable.  But again…if you’re not a quality dude…get off my site.  The last thing I need is bad vibes from thugs like you.
  5. You’ll let her buy a new piece of jewelry and explain to her how jewelry is like a car to us …and then accompany it with whoever it is that she likes to look at in movies (Matt McConauchly or Brad PItt)

So there you have it!

I’ll see if I can give you some real goods about the history of the lamborghini in my next post rather than having you continually read my rants about ladies and cars rather than enjoying some sort of nurturing writing.’s better than the Purium Review I was reading up on today.  That was a rather crazy site!

I’d much rather write about cars and ladies than some crazy home op.  I’m going to try and see if I can hunt down the earliest stories of ladies and races.  It may be drag racing but I’m wondering if in the old chariots of Rome they had flag ladies or women pose by the chariots.

Crazy thoughts. It’s time to hit the sack!  Enjoy the lady and car today!


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