Is there hope for men in their 40’s to find sexy women who are 40?

I decided instead of cars, I’d look for hot women in their 40’s.  My wife is not in her 40’s but she’s close and she’s going through some sort of mid life lady crisis or something.

She just had our last child about 2 years ago and it’s like she cant get herself back.

She use to be so active and excited and now when I play “grab ass” she just chuckles and says I’m crazy to like her fat ass.

I don’t want to believe her so I’m on a mission to show her the women that are over her age who are sexy so that she’s sees it’s possible.  I just hope I don’t get some sort of crazy backlash from it.

I got these photos from here:

I hope you like!

sexBrooke Shields.  uhm yes please.

If you can’t see how awesome this is….you’re gay.  That’s gay but if you’re straight and you can’t see why this rocks….you need to get schooled.

smiWill knew what he was doing.

This lady had kids. This is amazing.


Pretty amazing. Check out the article link I put above because honestly…it’s amazing stuff considering what I see walking around in Wally World these days.

I hope my wife gets back to her hourglass athletic stature but I love her so much. It’s ok if she doesn’t.  Perhaps, I need to find a way to motivate her?

Here’s a little snippet on Diane Lane


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