sexy car gal

Maybe I should join the Army?

Ok.  This is rant about not being able to “look” when a hot lady walks by.

Come on.

The media is filled with stuff like this:

sexy car gal

As a matter of a fact, the world is filled with stuff like this.

I mean..look at this dress. Where do you eyes go?  Her pretty face (yes…it is very attractive)

NO…it goes right boom bang where that dress says to look.

Hello!  Cleavage!

It’s taunting me to come in and touch em’….but I don’t (but I want to).

If you’re a man…you probably do too.

They are just begging to be paid attention to and if women don’t want us to look, then why in the world are they making and wearing things like this.

Maybe this dress was made my a man…but the women chooses to wear it.

I am animal…so are you (scientific fact) and for hundreds of year the bosom has been something men are inclined to be attractive to.

How can a wife/girlfriend or whatever tells us to stop something that is ingrained in our genes?

Not only that, how can they not appreciate the perfection of what this photo shows?

It’s very good fashion if you ask me.  Not only that…it’s a dress or shirt that says something…

It dares me to look.

This women would make a great combatant because while her outfit is distracting me, she can size me up and take me out.

Maybe our armies should be made of women wearing outfits like this.

Distract the enemy and then take em down.

I might join the army then because I sure wouldn’t mind dying while looking at this view.

Maybe Austin Powers had something right!


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